Shift your business towards a subscription model

You create value for your customers. Let us help you transform your business model from a transactional to a subscription model.

Takes less than 5 minutes to setup

Works with any technology or framework

User interface backed by Stripe proven technology

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Some of the reasons why you will love Unleak.

Get started in minutes, not weeks

Get started in 2 easy steps: connect your Stripe account so we can import your products and plans, then add our snippet.

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Technological stack agnostic

All of our widgets are written in Javascript. They are promise-based, so you can control your application flow just like you need it.

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Free while in development mode

Totally free (as in 0$) while you are in development mode. You can use Unleak today and only pays when you use it in production.

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Increase upsells.

Ask your users to upgrade their account at the right time.

Track declined upgrades

Detailed insights about your upsells

Installs in minutes

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More reasons why you will love Unleak.

Reduce billing-related support requests

With the ability to have a clear view of their billing cycle, preview any change of plan, retrieve their past invoices and update their billing information, you will reduce the workload on the support side.

Save hundreds of hours of software engineering

Developing a proper billing UI takes a lot of time. Keeping it up to date with API updates also takes a lot of time. Leave that to us and focus on what matters: your core product.

Totally unobtrusive by design

We read and write to your Stripe account. If you ever want to stop using Unleak, all your data is safely stored in your Stripe account. Instead of locking you in, we'll keep you as a happy customer.

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