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Give your customers a crystal-clear view of their billing cycle.
Show them other plans they could upgrade to and show the effect of switching on their billing cycle.
You can control the plans they see directly into the Unleak application.
We do not store any of your customer's data. It comes directly from the Stripe API.
Avoid surprises when the next invoice is due.
Let your customers preview their upcoming invoice, so they know exactly what they will be billed for.
All their past invoices at the same place.
Enable your customers to browse their invoice history and view all the invoices they ever received from you.
Give total control over their billing information.
As a business, you are required to allow your customers to update and manage their personal information.
This information is stored directly into your customer's data using the Stripe API.
Allow your customers to edit their payment information.
They can add new payment methods, change the default one and remove the expired ones.
We never handle credit card information; everything is done with Stripe elements and the Stripe API.
Everything is about options.
Give your user a clear exit flow if they don't want to use your product anymore.
While going through the cancel account flow, we ask them to share why they are unsubscribing from your product and if they wish to be contacted before doing so.
Whenever one of your customers initiates the flow, you get an alert in your dashboard to inform you about it.